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Fanatic Heart

Fanatic Heart
Keneally, Thomas

  • Editorial
    Faber & Faber
  • Subject Literatura-Novela historica
  • EAN 9780571387953
  • Idioma Inglés
  • State Disponible
  • Binding Tapa dura
  • Pages 464
  • Size 242x164x42 mm.
  • Weight 700
  • Release date: 16/11/2023
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'God save all here.'Summer, 1847. People are getting used to the corpses lying by the road and along the ditches. For John Mitchel - lawyer, journalist, activist, politician - the word 'famine' will forever conjure the hollowed faces of Ireland's dead, the liquid Irish of the past now mute on their tongues.

Propelled by disgust at the injustice, Mitchel will do all he can to fight for the destitute, the starved, the forgotten. His odyssey will take him all the way to America - that land of promise - but it will draw him into a terrible paradox. He is trying to save lives - in doing so, will he betray the very people he is trying to protect?In Fanatic Heart, Booker Prize winner Thomas Keneally takes on one of the most controversial figures of the fight for Irish independence to wrestle with the conflicts at the centre of a complicated legacy.

'One of the world's greatest writers.' Spectator'He writes with tenderness and pathos.' Irish Times'A grand master of historical fiction.' Mail on Sunday'He succeeds, with touches of brilliance, in bringing to life characters in more detail than history ever possibly could.' Sydney Morning Herald

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