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(04) Paladin's Faith

(04) Paladin's Faith
Kingfisher, T.

  • Editorial
    Argyll Productions
  • Matèria Literatura-Fantasia
  • EAN 9781614506140
  • Idioma Inglés
  • State Disponible
  • Enquadernació Rústica
  • Pàgines 502
  • Mida 210x140x26 mm.
  • Weight 560
  • Release date: 04/06/2024
Tax included 33,18€


Marguerite Florian has spent her life acquiring and selling information, using whatever means necessary. When she falls afoul of a powerful former employer, her usual methods of self-preservation no longer work. Fortunately, she has collected enough favors to attempt an audacious scheme to undermine her enemies.

With the service of Shane, a paladin of a dead god and much too handsome for his own good, Marguerite will be forced to navigate a glittering and dangerous court, northern wilds, and the cult of a demon in a brazen attempt to destabilize an entire economy.

Intrigue and violence were to be expected, but is Marguerite prepared for the battle for her soul-and her heart?

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